Infrastructure of Advice on Migrations and Integration

What you should know:

In Germany, there exists a wide range of migration and integration advisory services. Some of the most important points of first contact are to be found listed below:

• Since 2005, the Federation has offered Migration Advice for Adult Immigrants. This is a service especially conceived for recently-arrived migrants.

mbeon Migrationsberatung (Migration advice) is a digital offer. It offers those seeking advice the opportunity to access advisory services in chat form via the mbeon-App. Here, you will find answers to questions related to arriving in Germany, work and profession, learning German, health and accommodation. Use of the chat advisory service is free of charge, anonymous and data-secure. At the same time, as an initial orientation guide, extensive information on migration is provided in both the app and on the website of the BAMF. Moreover, the possibility of seeking personal advice in an MBE-advisory centre is also given.