Neutral Advice and Other Support

An extensive range of advice and support measures is available in Germany. This service also encompasses numerous advisory and support services that are neutral and free of charge.

What you should know:

Apart from the information you obtain from your employer or your agency, you should also be aware of neutral advisory centres. Numerous such services exist, some of which are listed on this site. Do not hesitate to take advantage of such opportunities. They may be of great help in many situations.

You may obtain in-depth information here:

“Fair Integration” is one of the main focuses of the advisory services offered by the IQ programme. This service encompasses questions of labour and social laws. These are questions that have a direct bearing upon the employment relationship, such as salary, working hours, holiday, cancellation and health insurance.
The network “Work and Life” for the advising of foreign employees was founded for the purposes of expert exchange, qualification and common public relations work. Advisory services are available in a number of languages (mainly German, English, French, Spanish, Polish, Ukrainian, Croatian, Russian, Turkish or Arabic).
Handbook Germany” provides answers from A-Z on life in Germany in the form of videos and texts. There you may choose between the following seven languages: German, Arabic, English, Persian, Turkish, French, Pashto and Russian. You will find in Handbook Germany important tips on topics ranging from political asylum, accommodation, health, work and education, day care centres for children and studying. You can also find on the local sites the names of the relevant contact persons in your region. Here a few examples: