Professional and Expert Associations

What you should know:

A professional association is free and independent and represents the interests of its members, who all belong to the same or related professions. The members of a professional association practise the same or related professions. The interests of the numerous workers converge here. This enables them to assert their demands in negotiations with employers or in relation to public interests more easily.
Professional associations thus represent the interests and wishes of their members regarding the way in which the nursing profession is exercised. The interests of those members may be, inter alia, of an economic, legal, social or societal nature. — Are you seeking advice on legal matters, for example? If so, a professional association could be of assistance to you.

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In Germany, there is a multitude of professional and expert associations in the field of nurs ing care. Here a selection of professional and expert associations in the field of nursing professions:
Deutscher Pflegerat e.V.
Deutscher Berufsverband für Pflegeberufe
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Fachkrankenpflege und Funktionsdienste e. V.
Deutscher Berufsverband für Altenpflege e.V.
Verband der Schwesternschaften vom Deutschen Roten Kreuz e.V.