Recognition Procedure

In order to be able to work in Germany, your foreign qualifications must first be recognised. This is done in so-called recognition procedure. In order to gain recognition, certain specific competences must be proven in Germany. The nursing profession differs from State to State. It is therefore possible that you may, under certain circumstances, lack the particular competences required in Germany.
Should you fulfil all prerequisites, however, your professional qualification will be recognised. It may even be possible that your professional qualification will be recognised before entering Germany. You will thus be awarded a permit to practise as a nursing professional in Germany. It is frequently the case, however, that competences are lacking that you may catch up on at the beginning of your residence in Germany. These will be set down in writing in a so-called Deficiency Notice and communicated to you.

What you should know:

There are two ways in which you may remedy any deficiencies:

• By way of an assessment test:

This assessment test examines the extent to which the professional qualification you have gained abroad corresponds to its German equivalent. For this you must undergo both an oral and a written examination. Based on your results, a decision will be made as to whether your qualifications obtained abroad are equivalent to what is taught in training in Germany. But don’t worry, there are specific courses for nursing professionals that ideally prepare you for successfully taking this assessment test.

• By way of an adjustment qualification:

An adjustment qualification is a course that remedies an existing need for extra qualifications. Such courses are usually designed in a modular fashion. Should adjustment qualification be one of the preconditions for your recognition certificate, the following measures will be taken: B2 Language courses, Professional training courses, Work experience placements in hospitals.