Who are skilled workers for Germany?

Specialists for Germany are both university graduates and employees with recognized, qualified, completed vocational training. Which regulations apply for you starting work and whether a work visa is required in Germany depends on which country you come from and which professional qualifications you can show. In this context, the restriction to bottleneck occupations and the priority check are no longer applicable and thus any specialist who meets the legal requirements can look for a suitable job in Germany.

Step by step into the working world in Germany

Certain requirements must be met for entry and employment. In order to be able to apply for a visa, as a skilled worker you must have a qualification recognized in Germany and the necessary knowledge of German.
Then you can either apply for a visa for gainful employment (work permit) or for a job search visa. For the visa in Germany, you need proof of a secure means of subsistence for 6 months, health insurance and accommodation.

Requirements overview:

• As a skilled worker, you must have professional qualifications recognized in Germany!
• Knowledge of German at language level B1 is required!
(Exceptions in the IT area for recognized computer scientists, programmers, etc.)
• Ensure your livelihood for the job search visa
• With a blocked account, candidates must prove their livelihood while looking for a job
• For a job-seeker visa, you need health insurance and proven accommodation
• For the visa for the purpose of gainful employment - work permit - you need an employment contract for employment with at least 35 hours per week.

Recognition of professional qualifications?

A residence permit in Germany is issued - whether it is a visa to look for a job or a work permit - if you have at least two years of vocational training recognized for Germany or further training as a master technician or a technical college degree - university degree - can show a comparable qualification. Your qualification must be recognized as equivalent to a German apprenticeship.